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06 July 2010 @ 04:25 pm
The host, fourth chapter  
This first half of this chapter is just confusing, and just when you think you have an idea of what's going on turns out you don't. May I just say how much the narration of this book annoys me? Here's how 75% of this chapter is:

* That's truly the only sensible choice.
** Hello Edward! Where the hell did you get that tan? I can't imagine how many cans of spray on tan you wasted.
*** Hear that? That's the sound my hope for this being a nice character shattering into a million pieces and going down the toilet. I need a drink.

In the second to last page we discover it was Wanderer experiencing a memory about how Melanie got Jared's trust and how he manage to win her over with the power of sudden romantic interest. Because nothing turn two people on like being the last of their kind. She even tells him about her hungry brother, who she just gathered food for, and he tells her to wait there while he gets a car and more supplies. Melanie just sits there thinking: "My heart gives one hard thump, and I know I will wait here if it takes him all night. " while her 9 year old brother is starving.

Anyway, Wanderer tells the Seeker about Jamie and this awakens Melanie and they bitch fight for a couple of paragraphs. I would actually like this, and I would have cheered for Melanie, if it weren't for the fact she swoon at Jared who could have been a rapist for all she knew. I mean, she knows:

1 ) He can out run her
2) He can overpower her
3) He has weapon
4) He tells her he will stalk her
5) He's possessive,
6) He's crazy (his own words)
7) She's vulnerable.
8) He has no respect over your wishes and is more than willing to help himself to you without your consent.

Is this the guy you want to instantly fall in love with and have around your kid brother?

(Dark pink= Melanie's choices, Light pink is the choices Wanderer could experience. Sorry for not being pretty, the one I did on my notebook was too big to make. Meyer's choice's are Wanderer, all of the ones in the far right except the "he attacks you" Then it's the middle one.In a way you can pick anything, all of them happen except for beg and sing. )

Let me know if the  game is too hard to read.
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aikaterini: L - Stupidaikaterini on July 7th, 2010 11:53 am (UTC)
Dear Lord, now Melanie and Wanda remind me of Kurumi. "It's okay if that guy's a complete stranger who threatened and sexually harassed me! He's sooo hot that I don't care! Swoon!" *rolls eyes*

Miss Shaolinashaolina on July 7th, 2010 04:06 pm (UTC)
Oh lord, don't even go there. Yuck!

But honestly, this chapter not only confused me, but hurt me too. Melanie starts pretty cool. She fights off her attacker, she tries to run away and explains that she's human. All things sensible in her situation. She even kicked him right where it hurts when he kissed her. But then something happened that just killed any sort of sense and coolness in her. I guess Meyer figured if she kept this up she would actually have to work in developing some sort of romance.

Even Jared started ok. Yes, he attacked her, but he thought she was an alien and I consider it sensible in his situation. He stopped when she made it clear she wasn't. I even forgave the first kiss as him being overjoyed. When I started hating him is when he forced his wishes on her, told her he would stalk her if she went away and forced another kiss on her.

These two are really Asshat and Kurumi light, like all of Meyer's couples are and it just drives me insane. If she had changed the second part just a bit (basically lower the psycho and erase the second kiss) I would so be cheering for the humans. As it stands I'm starting to wish for rocks to fall and everyone to die... especially Ford.