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17 June 2010 @ 10:36 pm
Part six of the Bree Tanner spork  
Here we learn the importance of teamwork, jealous back-up boyfriend and gay-angst. All of that and still no sight of Diego.

    Riley shows up and starts breaking stuff up and howling. He sends a speaker through the wall (paint me impressed since this is supposed to be a basement). He also stomps the other ones and howls in anger. I guess he’s going through Bella’s “I hate music”  phase. Next I wanted him to kneel on the floor, tearing his shirt in anguish. But no, instead he drives the crazy towards the other vamps.
    He starts beating the crap out of everyone, tearing them to pieces. He even makes a hole on the wall by throwing Raoul against it. O-kay, now I wonder if  Meyer knows what a basement is. Also, why the over 15 vamps bend over and take it instead of-- I don’t know-- holding him down is beyond me!
    Eventually he gets to the point by telling them blood is not for free and that it’s time they took on some responsibility. This would have been more effective, in my opinion, if each had received this line from birth, but what do I know? He tries to get Raoul and Kristie to join his side (since they already boss around gangs) but they are not so sure about it, Kristie going as far as baring her teeth at him (Go Kristie! Now go tear him apart with your gang). Riley instead invites Kevin and Jen to join him instead:

Kevin looked up in surprise. He had just finished putting his arm back together. Though his expression was wary, it was also unmistakably flattered. (“WOW!! I always wanted to be “in” with Riley) He slowly got to his feet. Jen looked at Kristie as if waiting for permission. Raoul ground his teeth together. (obviously trying to contain his jealousy)
The door at the top of the stairs did not open.
“Are you not able, either?” Riley asked, irritated.
Kevin took a step toward Riley, but then Raoul rushed him, leaping across the long room in two low bounds. He shoved Kevin against the wall without a word and then stood by Riley’s right shoulder.
Riley permitted himself a tiny smile. The manipulation wasn’t subtle, but it was effective. 

    Me-ow, Raoul! I guess days of being behind Diego’s shadow got to him. He’ll be darned if another one steps in to take his place besides the man he loves! Poor soul, he doesn’t realize that Riley doesn’t want him back and is using his feelings to force the other vamps into obeying, since he did a horrible job cementing it from the start.
    Kristie eventually agrees to be a leader and Riley gets all huffy before giving a speech. He tells them other older vampires want them dead and steal the city from them. Raoul doesn’t miss a step to play greek chorus on his words (and eventually Kristie). He tells them that the key of victory is team work.

    After that piece of wisdom taken out of baby sibling's morning shows, Riley describes the Cullens-- old, crafty and skilled-- and how they will crush them with numbers.The vamps are all “Fine! Let’s do it now!” and Riley declines since there’s information he hasn’t given them yet.
    He starts by telling them about talents. The vamps look around wondering if they’re talented. Bree scoffs at the idea since only Fred is talented. Yes, around 20 vampires and the only talented one is defensive, hates everyone and is uninterested in fighting. Because heaven forbid the opposition presents a real challenge to the Cullens. We wouldn’t want Meyer to write a real battle with give and take and she had to think it through. That would be too interesting.
    Riley moves on to talk about Edward and how powerful he is (never mind that Alice would technically be as effective if her powers made sense) Which is why they don’t know anything about Victoria. He claims that they would have let them be if they don’ know they were with Victoria. Never mind that he came in screaming about how they would kill them. Plus, even if they don’t know Victoria they know her and that’s suspicious on its own which might prompt “the mind reader” to question who knows enough about him to cover her tracks this way. Then again, Edward is not exactly the brightest bulb in the hardware store.

(Professor Xavier isn't fooled by sparklepires)

     The other show approval via growling (apparently that’s how vampires clap because it’s badass). Bree, instead, points out it doesn’t make sense, since that still doesn’t explain the cloaks and or how that protects them. But still she decides to not do anything about it aside from staring at the door. You see, her priority right now is worrying about Diego and with that occupying her mind she can’t think of anything else.
    Riley reiterates the importance of teamwork, being smart and attacking. If they don’t behave he will take them to Victoria and she will tear them apart. This is enough to make them need a change of underwear. Even though Riley and Victoria haven’t been hands on on them and they could just tear him to pieces and run away from Seattle to the Czech Republic instead.
    Bree comments on Riley’s face and how:

“The truly scary thing was Riley’s face as he said it. His face was not twisted in rage, the way it usually was when he was angry; it was calm and cold, smooth and beautiful, his mouth curled at the edges into a small smile.” and wonders ”I suddenly had the impression that this was a new Riley. Something had changed him, hardened him, but I couldn’t imagine what could have happened in one night to create that cruel, perfect smile.”

    Huh. I do wonder what could twist a man to change so much after talking to somebody he cares deeply about about a lie.

    Moving on,  Riley decides to have them split into teams like a dodgeball team so they can train. (I feel sorry for whoever gets picked last). He then steps out causing the coven to turn on each other as soon as he turns his back. That’s smart! But priorities are priorities and he feels the need to talk our main character.
    And with that little “DUN, DUN, DUN” moment that Meyer tried to create, we leave for now.

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aikateriniaikaterini on June 18th, 2010 01:17 pm (UTC)
I'm surprised that Meyer made Riley beautiful, considering that he's supposed to be one of the bad guys. Since Meyer has consistently portrayed her villains as being plain or ugly, why did she make Riley handsome?
milliondreams on July 16th, 2011 04:56 am (UTC)
From all of this, I have to say, I don't think Riley and Diego were in a relationship
Why? Twi-vampire canon and the fact that denial very much exists in Twipires, as proven so helpfully by Bree.

Bree's deluding herself that Diego loves her. Riley is (as proven in Eclipse) deluding himself that Victoria loves him, and furthermore (as proven in this book) he's anxious to please her.

Why? He's a closeted homosexual, even to himself. He's denying to himself that he's flirting with Diego and wants Diego. This probably has root in his unknown past.

Diego, meanwhile, knows that he loves Riley and hopes that Riley wants him.

That's the only way Riley could have, according to vampire canon, killed his mate.

(And, since Twipires only have one mate and it's always requited, Bree is being exceptionally delusional)