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17 June 2010 @ 09:50 pm
Blood and chocolate  
This is a fanfic, not a spork. I wrote a couple of days ago at 1 am when I was doing my Bree argument.  Riley/Diego with some one-sided Bree/Diego.

Diego and Riley were fighting over *her* again and the whole coven knew about it, well everyone except the little vampire hiding behind the group's token freak. Diego felt frustrated that Riley keeps believing her over his theories. "She's our creator Diego, we owe her respect." was his justification, and is not enough. The woman was vile! But he hated fighting with Riley even more.

Seeing her friend so upset, Bree assumed that he just had a fight with his best friend. "Now's my chance!" she said to herself. Back when she was a teen she remembered seeing couples on Saint Valentines exchanging words of love coated with chocolate. In her past life she scoffed at them loud enough to overpower her feeling of loneliness. "New life, new guts."

She went to a cake shop at night killing the owner. She had the sweetest blood around and made sure to save every single drop. Riffling through her recipes she found how to make filled chocolates. "It says strawberries," she said before giggling.

Next night Diego was still moping around when Bree showed up. Not even 300 men running around lifted his spirits. He forced himself to watch until the two friends, lovers in Diego's mind, started flirting as they fought. "Why can' we be like that?" he thought shutting it off.

"Hey Diego," Bree said leaning besides him on the couch.

"Hey girl," he said showing his dazzling smile through his misery. "Whatzz up?"

"I noticed you were kinda down yesterday, so I brought you this!" Bree pulled a chocolate box from the back.

She had wanted to used the big heart shaped one (with all the sparkles and ribbons) but didn't feel that brave. She sighed and said to herself "The more the things changed...". Instead she opted for the simple green one.

Diego always wore green. When they went to the movies with Riley, she 7 rows behind to hide their date from their chaperon, he had worn his green polo. Yesterday he was wearing a green stripped shirt, that just looked fetching against his skin tone. And at daytime he loved wearing his green pajama pants and nothing else, and Bree loved seeing him in them.

"Ah, chica," he interrupted her thoughts, "you didn't have too." Bree blushed, feelings of exuberance coming over her.

If Diego had a power was that of smelling super sweet things. Back when he was a kid he had always spent his money on candy. When other kids asked for video games, he asked for slushie machines and tons of pixie sticks. At the age of 10 he already had a map marking all the best houses to hit in Halloween (even if it took a bus to get to them)

Even without opening the box he knew the contents of it. Never in his life he expected to find a BFF who knew him so well. If vampires could cry, he would have then and there.

"I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me," she said grabbing his hand. He threw his arms around her and pecked her in the cheek. And with that Bree knew he loved her back too.

Diego took the box and next time he saw Riley he dragged him to the bedroom and offered him one. Riley shook his head. "You know I'm not much of a sweet tooth."

Diego pushed him onto the bed surprising Riley. Diego had always been the submissive type. Always going along with thing and responding to whatever he said. He wasn't sure what to think of this.

Diego crawled into bed straddling him. Each leg firmly locked into place. There was no way to escape now. He opened the box revealing Bree's hard work. 20 heart-shaped chocolates crafted with love. Placed together it read in blood "DIEGO AND BREE BFF 4 EVER" He tried not to laugh at the redundancy of the message and made a mental note to explain to her what the second F in BFF stands for.

He took the R from ever for good luck and placed it in his mouth. He lowered himself to Riley's face, just inches away from his mouth. Teasing his nose with his until Riley couldn't stand it anymore.

Riley raised his head smashing his lips together pulling their bodies in in an aching embrace. Blood dripping from the mouths-- the poor chocolate had been destroyed in the process of retrieving it. Riley never did things half way nor gentle. When you were made out of cold stone, hard was the only thing that made you feel.

Diego pulled out to grab another chocolate."I thought you didn't like sweet things," Diego said before putting the 4 heart in his mouth.

Riley wiped the blood from the side of Diego's lips. "I don't, but who can resist a siren call like that?"

Next day Diego passed Bree in the common room wearing a pair of green boxers. They looked stellar on him, if she could say so herself. It was hard to focus on his beautiful face when his beautiful everything else as in full display.

"Hey, girl, thanks again for the chocolates," he said beaming at her. Such a smile could have blinded her forever if she were a human.

"So they were good?"

"The best!" he said grabbing his remote control. 300 again, but he looked honestly cheerful about watching the film unlike yesterday.

She sat next to him and he placed his arm around her after messing with her hair. Bree looked at him more than he watched the movie. Eventually a question popped into her head.

"Diego?" she said, breaking his concentration from the spartans congratulating each other.


"Why do you wear so much green?"

Diego gave her a mischievous grin and said "That's because green is a lucky color and I get very lucky when I wear it. I was especially lucky yesterday."

Bree nuzzled in Diego's neck. His smell pumping whatever blood was in her system all over the place. She thought about her chocolate box and all the times Diego wore green-- especially those green boxers-- and realized green was indeed her lucky color too.
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milliondreams on July 16th, 2011 04:45 am (UTC)
The entire time, I'm thinking, "Bree. Sweetheart. He's not into you like that."
Her delusionalness makes me cringe.

I did like the dynamics in this- nice work!