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08 September 2010 @ 12:38 am
Evermore, chapter 7  

In which we have a diner with the literary equivalent of a life size barbie and emotional development gets shot dead by lazy writing.



So we start the chapter with Sabine, Ever’s aunt, taking her to an expensive restaurant usually filled with dates. O-kay, kinda creepy. But we finally meet the aunt after chapter of “My aunt is a lonely spinster and she should go out and buy a parasol” (Oh, don’t I wish)

They start talking and the whole thing lasts two lines before Sabine touches her activating Ever’s powers and driving her to retreat. Nice to see Noel is really putting her heart behind the aunt’s character. Makes me care so much.

Ever runs down the hall to the bathroom and gets drunk on the aura of the guests of “a wedding that, from what I can see, should never take place.” Because in Evermore people are nasty, backstabing bitches. The drunken on aura moment makes her see an infinite line of Damens staring back at her. I have to admit the idea of more than one creeper scared me.

She stumbles into the bathroom and calms herself down enough to go into a mini rant of how lonely her aunt is. Yeah, how sad to hear again how lonely she is. You know the only way that would be sadder? IF I KNEW HER!!  Repetition does not make me care, neither does paragraphs of things you could show through Ever’s eyes. This really limits Ever’s character and it makes everyone else none existent.

And to make it all worst, this is how she ends her little aside:

The best I can do is just get through
high school, so I can go away to college, and she can get
back to her life. Maybe then she can get together with that
guy who works in her building. The one she doesn't even
know yet. The one whose face I saw the moment her hand
touched mine.

(Let us count the ways this frustrates me!)

a) You’re a teenager. While kids can slow life down, you are old enough to give her some space. If she’s stopping her life for you, which she’s not since she’s never there, then I blame her for it.

b) Having a life =/= getting married. Yes, getting married can be part of a life, but it’s not the only definition to “having a life” It’s possible to be happy and single. I’m happier single than when I am somebody’s girlfriend.

c) GODDAMMIT, SHE HAS ANOTHER POWER!! Are you kidding me? So she can see auras, talk to dead people, read people’s minds, see events as they happen somewhere else, read intentions, see past events and see the future (or whatever that can get called)?  Plus I bet I’m missing a couple on that list! I just— I just don’t know anymore.

You know, I don’t mind multi powered people, but this is getting ridiculous. She’s not even putting these powers to use, making her look dumber for not being worried about Damen. She barely thinks on the guy, only doing so when prompted by something and when she does is about him being smoldering. She looks like an idiot not being wary of him. Which really makes me question: what’s the point of this book so far?

Ever then comes back to the table and asks her aunt what’s going on with her and we cut not hearing her aunts response. You know, the one we got reminded about how lonely she is and it’s Ever’s fault.

At this point I’m sure the aunt is a mannequin that Ever animates from time to time to ease her loneliness. Might as well, she barely talks and Ever is popping all sort of powers without developing the ones she has or using them.

Scene changes to Ever standing around as her aunt is away paying the valet. No, we don’t get to see her off. Why would we care? Especially because Damen shows up in all his boy band looking glory. Turns out he was really at the hotel “entertaining” (Hey, maybe he’s a gigolo. Wouldn’t that be something to read?)  Her aunt finally shows up and we get to see her talk.

And while they're shaking hands I
say, "Um, Damen and I go to school together." Damen's the
one who makes my palms sweat, my stomach spin, and he's
pretty much all I can think about! "He just moved here from
New Mexico," I add, hoping that'll suffice until the car


… … … ?!

dude-wait-what(What kitty said)

Before I start my rant, let me get one thing straight: I know what I’m reading. At no point I doubt these two idiots will end up together. I am not that lucky and this novel is nothing but predictable and superficial. I would sit here and start predicting plot points and I bet you I would guess most if not all. Ever and Damen will end up together, of that I’m sure. But I still have to say: what?!

“All I think about?!'” Since when? This novel is seven chapters long so far and up to this moment I’ve heard this girl monologue about everything, to the point I want to hit her over the head with a steel trashcan, but him. From the top of my head I can’t pinpoint a single rant dedicated to the smolderer. She’s ranted about Haven at least twice, about her parents’ death, about her powers multiple times, about Riley and two times about Sabine (her aunt). In fact this is the chapter/plot breakdown:

Chapter 1) We meet Haven and Ever in all her angst. Flashback to accident.

Chapter 2) Damen shows up, Ever avoids him like the plague. She doesn’t meet him until the end.

Chapter 3) Ever explains her home life and her new relationship with Riley. No Damen.

Chapter 4) 1/3 Riley/Ever talk, 1/3 Ever being forced to talk about Damen, 1/3 superficial chat with Damen.

Chapter 5) Damen eats with her group, she freaks.

Chapter 6) 1/2 Miles being a douche over new kid who showed up yesterday, 1/2 Riley being uber creepy.

Chapter 7) Ever spends her time with her non existent, thinking of how lonely she is. Damen shows up at the last pages.

Damen has been actively around the plot for the equivalent of two chapters. This is not the way to make me believe he’s important! That she thinks about him, that she cares.   I’m sorry but I have to make a BS call on that line to the “Show, don’t tell” department.

Yes, she has stated he’s hot, but at the same time she has stated she didn’t want him around and avoids him for very good reasons, being bothered by it when confronted by her “friends”. And she only thinks he’s hot when prompted by somebody else. You don’t see Ever on her own thinking about him. No laying on the bed thinking about him, no rants over who Damen is, no monologues of internal angst over creeper nor heart wrenching blog entries over her miserable romantic life. She just goes on her way.

She hasn’t crossed that emotional line where she starts caring and thinking about him and she shouldn’t yet. After all, he’s auraless and she met him the day before yesterday. Aside from being pretty I can’t pinpoint a single awesome thing that would drive her to that extreme in such a short period of time with what she knows. But even if she did, Noel just plain failed at showing. Ever spends more time thinking about Riley, Haven and Sabine than Damen (and that’s the only good attribute I can give to this girl so far). It’s like there’s a chapter missing between 6 and 7 where these two started talking and connected over something and now Ever can’t stop thinking about him now that she’s seen him in a new light. But no, nothing of the sort.

I hate this couple.

Anyway, Sabine keeps talking to him and invites him over to their house. Ever reacts with:

I gape at her, panicked, wondering how I failed to see that
coming. Then I glance at Damen, praying he'll decline as he
says, "Thanks, but I have to head back"

You see what I mean? How can I believe she’s in the “I’m crushing on him badly” if she dreads his company? Even more so because after he declines she shows no feelings of sadness nor jealousy over his date. She just keeps on narrating, even describing his date in positive terms “gorgeous redhead with slinky black dress” even though she describes her with a stuck up smile. But I throw my hands into the air and I give up since authors like this is all about the telling. I guess this is where our love story officially starts.

Damen leaves, but not before being creepy on us and Ever being stupid:

I turn back to face him, startled to find him looming so
close, his lips moist and parted, mere inches from mine.
Then he brushes his fingers along the side of my cheek, and
retrieves a red tulip from behind my ear. Then the next
thing I know, I'm standing alone as he heads back inside
with his date. And I gaze at the tulip, touching its waxy red
petals, wondering where it could've possibly come from especially
two seasons past spring. Though it's not until
later, when I'm alone in my room, that I realize the redhead
was auraless too.

PERSONAL SPACE, DAMEN!! LEARN HOW TO USE IT!! Am I the only one who would be creeped out by the over familiarity he exhibits? Double because he has a date right over there. What a sleaze! And by the way, that tulip line is the most romantic those two got in this scene. Which isn’t much since that is a legitimate question ( well, it would be if he weren’t obviously rich and able to pay for green housed flowers). So much for eternal soulmates love story.

Also, Ever darling, you didn’t realize his auraless date? I’m pretty sure that’s something that would be hard to miss. (Eyeroll) Anyway, chapter ends in Ever’s room where she gets a visit from a ghost that is not her sister. Wonder who could it be?

Well, that’s it for now. Until next time this is Shaolina signing out!

(Chapter 8)


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zelda_queenzelda_queen on September 9th, 2010 04:19 am (UTC)
Right. In a good romance with tension at the beginning, there's still got to be some indication of attraction or interest. Maybe it's because they continue to run into each other and have a conversation each time. The first few run-ins are short and tense, but they grow more and more relaxed and open. Maybe one person finds the other vulgar or crude, but that somehow is interesting. Maybe they're two people with extreme personalities who turn out to be the only ones who can stand each other.

But yeah, exactly. Twilight, this, all of the various rip-offs, they go too far into the "initial dislike" territory and forget to introduce the other important element, the initial interest/attraction. Without that, we just have random proclamations of love, which mean nothing.