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06 September 2010 @ 01:07 pm
The host, chapter 13  

In which we meet other humans and the best scene ever happens.


We start this chapter with our protagonists being extremely worried for Jared and Jamie. They begin questioning Jeb if they arrived there and he answers no. This prompts them to fall in a hole of depression and they fall asleep.

They wake the next day and find a canteen of water. After  thinking about it they finally drink it. This whole scene is five paragraphs.

Once they’re done they get to overhear somebody fighting with Jeb over the fact he left them some water. before they knew it the room gets filled with normal humans holding various weapons.

There were eight humans half-circled around where I knelt under the tree. There was no question they were humans, all of them. I’d never seen faces contorted into such expressions—not on my kind. These lips twisted with hatred, pulled back over clenched teeth like wild animals. These brows pulled low over eyes that burned with fury.


(The last survivors of earth)

Melanie doesn’t see what’s wrong with waking up to that picture up there and starts feeling exited… even though she has a ‘soul” inside. For once Wanderer starts arguing for the side of sense and tries to make her realize that 8 people with clubs and machetes glaring at you is not a nice sight. My only problem is that Wanderer says it in her usual condescending voice because, you know, all humans suck and if they were souls they would be offering cupcakes instead… even though souls chased and captured humans and killed them.

And then Meyer shows me she doesn’t know first person:

Of course it sprang into my head immediately—the one secret they would want from me. The one I could never, never tell them. No matter what they did to me. I would have to kill myself first.

Ok, what secret?

I did not let Melanie see the secret I protected. I used her own defenses against her and threw up a wall in my head to hide behind while I thought of the information for the first time since implantation. There had been no reason to think of it before.

But now it sprang to mind and you have to say it because this is first person. And which one is it? Did you actively protected it or just forgot about it enabling it to be protected?

Melanie was hardly even curious on the other side of the wall; she made no effort to break through it. There were much more immediate concerns than the fact that she had not been the only one keeping information in reserve.

You’re not going to tell me the secret, are ya?

Did it matter that I protected my secret from her? I wasn’t as strong as Melanie; I had no doubt she could endure torture. How much pain could I stand before I gave them anything they wanted?

Goddamit! Look, you can’t do that! This is first person and I’m supposed to know what you know. This isn’t a passing though, like looking at a flower and saying it reminds you of a summer when you were a kid. This is something you are going paragraph after paragraph over. You are actively mulling over it and as such you need to state what it is.

There’s a reason why Sherlock Holmes is in the perspective of Watson. We are meant to be impressed by Holmes and we can only experience that type of wonder through him. If it were in the perspective of Holmes the stories would be 3 pages long since Holmes knows everything. There would be no mystery.

But you know what, I’ll guess what it is the same way I solved Half Blood Prince. What would be the most useful bit of information Wanderer as a soul can provide to the story? It’s body snatching so I say it’s either how to kill the soul from the inside or remove the soul without killing the human. Since Kevin overpowered his soul and seemed to know something I will guess it’s the removing option. Plus that would save both characters and you know Meyer would never harm anybody she likes in the story.

Anyway, Melanie tells Wanderer to tell Jeb Melanie is still ok and Wanderer says no. After all it would seem like a lie. Is it me or is this story dependent in one of them being as smart as a rock at a time?

One of them walked forward with a machete about to kill them when Jeb stopped him.  Kyle, the guy with the machete, wants to killed Wanderer/Melanie combo because she’s a soul. Jeb argues with him with threats sprinkled on top because “that’s my niece over there”.  Which would be touching except these two didn’t really had a relationship before so it’s not emotionally charged nor is it wise from the standpoint that this is a soul. For all he knows Melanie is dead and he’s putting everyone at risk. Eventually a female voice says something that sounds like sense:

“The doctor might be able to learn something from it,” a female voice offered gruffly.

Know thy enemy and all that. Oh, guys? This is an old woman with her face being “a mass of wrinkles” and “ancient”.  Seriously her description is one paragraph of how wrinkly she is. You know, she could describe her eyes, her body or how she tied her hair. But no, all we get is wrinkles because she is just so OLD!!

Melanie bursts into chatter when she sees aunt Maggie when she sees her. This gets a certain reaction from the old woman:

Melanie got only halfway through her surprised exclamation. The much-aged woman named Maggie lunged forward with a speed that belied her brittle exterior. She didn’t raise the hand that held the black crowbar. That was the hand I was watching, so I didn’t see her free hand swing out to slap me hard across the face.

Did she got slapped?

My head snapped back and then forward. She slapped me again.

YES!! She did! Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for somebody to beat the crap out of these two idiots?

Aunt Maggie then takes a hold of the situation. Telling Wanderer that she won’t be fooled by parasites and calls Jeb on his stupidity of bringing a parasite over. And don’t you “Now Maggie” her! I love you aunt Maggie!

Jeb doesn’t care though and decides to bring the centipede back where the rest of the humans are. This makes Melanie wonder how does he know what a soul looks like. He takes Wanderer by the hand and blindfolds her while Maggie calls him a fool. Then they start to argue about “telling him” and “how unkind it would be”, to which Jeb responds with “Life is unkind.” huh, I wonder who they’re talking about. 

And this chapter is still going! How long is this one?! Summary, Jeb says he let annoying twat live because he’s curious , not mercy ok? He’s badass like that I guess? Wanderer starts thinking about death because she is so going to die and we need to believe that.

Jeb takes her to an underground cave (and I just saved you from reading 4 pages of Wanderer walking around with a blindfold).  There they see 27 humans all looking back at he. this excites Melanie while it frightens Wanderer. the chapter ends with one man walking forward and these two looking up to meet his face. Well, geez, I wonder who it will turn out to be. The suspense is just killing me.


Well, that’s it for now. Until next time this is Shaolina signing out!


(Chapter 14)


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Gehayi: abbysidesmile (abbysciuto)gehayi on September 6th, 2010 02:01 pm (UTC)
I love Aunt Maggie! If Meyer actually had talent, I'd want the next POV to be hers. As it is, I just hope that Meyer keeps letting her be unintentionally awesome and doesn't turn her into a douchebag.
Miss Shaolinashaolina on September 6th, 2010 04:44 pm (UTC)
Same here. Even when I wanted the thing to be over because it had go on forever, I kept on loving this woman. I love her so much I wish she wouldn't show up again because Meyer has a tendency to ruin characters she puts the spotlight on.

I've always been a fan of the crazy woman with a shotgun visual. Plus she seems to just own everyone there, even if Jeb dismisses her. Still you know she's not going to be treated fairly, she's the Leah of the group after all.
zelda_queenzelda_queen on September 6th, 2010 02:01 pm (UTC)
Finally with the humans! I've been looking forward to seeing how this is handled. Hmm...
Miss Shaolinashaolina on September 6th, 2010 04:45 pm (UTC)
Not good I bet. We suck after all. Then again, I might be surprised.