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Miss Shaolina
23 February 2011 @ 04:34 pm
I was a wedding today, supervising one actually. It was a small ceremony between friends, like all weddings should be. Decoration was kept to a minimum, with art and balloons decorating the area. Attire was kept casual, with only the bride's veil to serve as a remainder of the occasion we were in. "If I ever get married, it would be like this... not that I want to" I thought as I looked down my phone to check my emails. 

It was only 10 of us there until Sara ran in shouting and crying how Sebastian and Samantha were too young to get married. The poor girl was in tears, with a bad case of bedhair and her clothes completely stained with dried mud.  From where she came from, I had no idea.  When her words fell on silent ears, she asked me to tell them how stupid this was. I shrugged and let it happen regardless and invited her to sit beside me and just let herself go.

By the way Sebastian is 9, Sam is 10 and Sara is 7.

 So Sebastian calls her an idiot because him and Sam are obviously in love, going so far as to peck and giggle afterwards. All the children at the care center clap and giggle and I comfort Sara who thinks the whole thing is for real and swore they just ruined their lives. "Don't worry sweetie, they can't be married for real without a priest. Besides" I said as I rubbed her back, "a week from now they'll be playing pretend with divorce lawyers for sure"
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Miss Shaolina

I’ve been a bit of a funk lately between my condition, ongoing strike and my job to the point I ended up writing a very depressing memory. No worries, that memory is this one. I’m doing this because I just remembered something funny and I hope it will bring my lulz back. It does deal with the topic of sex and my mind back when I was 15. Expressions said here do not necessarily agree with my mind presently.

Now in gasoline and motor oil flavors. Collapse )

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Miss Shaolina
13 December 2010 @ 03:29 pm
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Miss Shaolina
26 November 2010 @ 04:51 pm

In which Ever and Damien's relationship goes nowhere for about 10 pages and it's all because she's not sexy (hoodies are ok people!!) and Damien is a player (which she knew before this mess started!!). Wonderful.

Can pity parties involve clowns? Collapse )


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Miss Shaolina
In case you guys haven't seen it. This is the weirdest speech I've seen in a long while.

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Miss Shaolina
08 November 2010 @ 06:04 pm

Between Ever’s jealous fit and Haven… just Haven, I’m taking a break from finishing the last 3 pages of the chapter. Sorry for the delays. So how about a video? I did not make this; I found it and thought it was cool. Somebody tried to make a film out of Disney films. I admire the effort put into it.

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Miss Shaolina
27 October 2010 @ 11:27 am
In which Haven introduces Drina, Damen’s redhead ex, and we are told she must be evil. A psychic offers to help Ever with her powers and she tells her to get bent.
Hey, does anybody knows the lyrics to the nagging song? Collapse )
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Miss Shaolina
15 October 2010 @ 01:01 pm

In which women are property to be stored in holes when not killed.



Dammit Wanderer, don't make me get the hose. Collapse )


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Miss Shaolina
08 October 2010 @ 10:53 am

(If anybody read this book and loved it, feel free to pm me or comment. I have nobody to talk to about it.)



Have you ever found a book you don’t want to talk about it? Not because it’s horrible, mind you, but because it’s so funny, entertaining and cute that everything you say is a spoiler. This is the feeling this book gives me. So for this review I’m going to talk about random factoids that I love but aren’t spoilerific. I’m telling you, read this book. Go to the library, bookstore or means of preference. If you still need a summary for it, click the pic, it’ll take you to amazon.

I have to admit part of me loves this book out of vanity. I was Tiffany Aching as a child: a bit cold, logical and with great imagination. (True fact: I didn’t tell my mother I loved her until I was in my older teens, but that’s a story for another day.) So I can’t help but love the over-analytical muffin. Also, this book is so in my style of writing that it almost felt like I was reading something of mine. Her “powers”, her relationships with the other characters and the type of ending in it is just what I so normally do. It was amazing since books hardly take the routes I would have taken instead.

The language is straight forward and full of jokes that had me in a constant state of giggles and some in very loud fits of laughter. There is a situation in the middle of the book that goes on for like 4 pages that is so awkward and hilarious that I had to stop for a moment and giggle it out. And Tiffany, being the literary mini-me, fixed it in the same way I thought about. It was still hilarious.

Talking about hilarious, more books need tiny, swearing, stinky men in kilts running around shouting bad words nobody gets. The Wee Free Men are unexpected sidekicks in a genre where everything has to be pretty and mysterious. They were the life of the book for me and it really gave a sense of adventure going out in the world with them.

Also, Grandma Aching = badass grandmother forever and ever. I love Pratchett’s focus in Granma Aching through Tiffany since it shows a special bond between them that is adorable and I can totally relate to. (I grew up living with my blind grandmother after all, but that’s a story for another day). Usually in this genre, you get to the side if you are above 18. No youngster wants to read about an ol’ lady and all that. Plus it’s through the memories of Granma Aching that we explore what magic is in this world.

All and all, I loved this book. My only complaint is one I cannot share since it relates to the end (but it’s not the ending itself). It does pay off if you stick with it and the giggles never halted with me. If you really want to escape stupid heroines, it wouldn’t be too bad to hang at the chalk with the Achings.

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Miss Shaolina
06 October 2010 @ 07:26 pm

In which the culmination of the inexistent sexual tension happens and… yeah, that’s it.


You don't gotta kiss the girlCollapse )


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